Anxiety for Beginners

Anxiety seems to be getting more and more common with each passing year, but what’s the difference between anxiety and an anxiety disorder? How do you handle it? What is treatment like? In this article, we’ll explore the topic of anxiety disorders, demystifying this condition and directly explaining it so you can keep it from […]

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Bagel Proposing

Overcome Food Addiction for Your Health

To overcome food addiction, you need to take the first step of acknowledging to yourself that you experience certain foods as addictive. That means you eat them compulsively and lose control of yourself in the process.

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Overweight as Key to Chronic Pain

Could Overweight Be the Key to Solving Your Chronic Pain Problem?

Being overweight or obese is not just a cosmetic problem. In a world where the media and society hold beauty and fitness to very high standards, an overweight or obese person can easily feel left out, depressed, suffer low esteem. Televisions and fashion magazines are full of pictures of thin models, actresses and athletes with lean abs, […]

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